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Heavy-Duty Poor Mans Gold Smelting Melting Furnace-Dish & Handle + 1 Lb Flux ++

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New Heavy Duty Tong, Dish & 1 lb Chapman Smelting Flux , 2 Table Spoons of Chapman Thinner & 2 Table Spoons of Borax set
This heat resistant fused silica melting dish holds 7 1/2 oz, or DWT 233.276 or 150 penny weight. The crucible is made of fused silica for efficient melting and will not contaminate precious metals. Used for melting gold, silver, Copper, and can handle high heat 1300 C or 2300 degrees.It comes complete with removable heat resistant tongs. The tongs have a heat resistant wooden handle. The total length including handle is 16-1/2 inches. The widest opening at the end of the tong can measure less then 3 1/2 inches round, and when completely closed 3 inches round. The width of the tong is 3/4" inch and has a wing nut/screw open and closure. The Borax is for sealing your new crucible The Chapman Flux & Thinner is to be used as listed below

All you need is to apply your source of heat. ie Torch


Melting and or Smelting with Chapman Flux basic instructions

Melting down Gold Jewelry;

Chapman Flux can be used to clean up your Jewelry and pull out embellishments.  This will not refine it but will give you a better product than just melting. In this situation you should add ½ Part Flux to 1 part Jewelry by volume. In other more simple words if you have 1 shot glass full of jewelry then add ½ of a shot glass of flux. The melt everything down and keep melted for 10-20 min then pour everything into a mold at one time. Let cool the bust off the slag/glass and if you want to now make better looking bars then melt down the Gold with no flux and pour into bars. We offer over 200 different sizes and shapes of molds from 1 Gram to 1000 oz. Best results are with the use of High Density Graphite Molds. Used properly can last for hundreds of pours. We also sell many symbols, Numbers and letters of all sizes to stamp your bars. You should always stamp the weight and purity of your bar on it. 

Smelting Gold from Black Sands;

Chapman Flux was designed to do just this very action. How much Flux to mix in with your black sands is as follows.

60% to 90% Gold needs 1 part flux to 1 part black sands & Gold. In other more simple words if you have 1 shot glass full of Black Sands then add 1 shot glass full of flux.

40% to 60% Gold needs 1-1/2 part flux to 1 part black sands & Gold. In other more simple words if you have 1 shot glass full of Black Sands then add 1-1/2 shot glasses full of flux.                                                             


1% to 39% Gold needs 2 part flux to 1 part black sands & Gold. In other more simple words if you have 1 shot glass full of Black Sands then add 2 shot glasses full of flux.                           

Once you have your Black sands, Gold and Flux mixed together put into a crucible and heat up to 2100 Degrees Fahrenheit and keep the Temp at 2100F for 1 hour. This is to allow all the microscopic gold & other Precious metals to collect together. Then pour all of your melted material out into a mold at one time. The Gold Bar or bead will drop to the bottom of the pour. Allow the pour to cool, you will hear cracking like glass shattering. Once cool you can then bust off the slag. If you small amounts of gold it will be a bead towards the bottom of the pour. If you have a larger amount then the Gold will be a bar at the bottom and the slag/Flux will be on top.

NOTE* It must pour like water!! If not you will need to add Chapman Flux Thinner (Flux thinner is Lime & Flourspar mixed 50/50 by weight)  If your results have specs of gold in the slag it could be that 1. You didn’t keep the temp up to 2100F. 2. You took it out early and not the full 1 Hour. Or 3. Your material needs flux thinner because it poured out thicker than water.

Feel free to call us with any questions, there are no dumb questions. (Note, if you use more than listed  it will not hurt anything at all except your pocket book)


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