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4oz Gold & Silver Bullion Flux - Jewelry - Sterling - Pour Bars - Melting Clean

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This 4oz of Gold/Silver Bullion Flux

Is designed for material containing 70%+ gold or silver content to get it clean. To put your gold or silver into the shapes or forms you wish, just mix equal parts flux with your gold or silver powder, heat in a crucible, pour hot flux mixture into your mold and break off slag when cooled. It comes off nice and clean.


Instructions are as follows;

1. Weigh out by Volume equal parts flux & Gold or silver material you are smelting. For example, if you have 1 cup of material use 1 cup of flux.

2. Mix 1/2 of the flux with your powdered gold or silver. If not powdered, then just add the whole thing to the crucible.

3. If you were able to mix the flux and material as in step 2, then now add this mixture to a clean crucible and cover the mixture with the remaining flux.

3. Smelt at 2000F for a minimum of 1/2 hour beyond the time it reaches 2000F

5. Pour your Gold or Silver into a clean Cast Iron or Graphite mold and let cool. After its cool, flip upside-down and allow the pour to fall out. Break off the slag to have your clean bar.


Always work in a safe ventilated area, use all proper safety gear and follow safety procedures to prevent injury.

We at MakeYourOwnGoldBars have no control over how any chemicals are used and equipment is used or in how others follow instructions so we cannot be responsible for any injury or property damage that might occur.


Condition New