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Complete Dustless System set up for 11" Rock Crusher

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This Vacuum  attachment is designed for K&M Krushers. Its to be attached to the exit port of the crusher then attach a 2" hose to the round exit port and then attach to your Shop Vac or if you are using a Dust Deputy Cyclone to the side port or opening of the Cyclone. To attach the Vacuum Port, slide it completely up on the crusher then tighten the 5/16" bolt provided and lock it down with the 5/16" nut. (Bolt & Nut is included) With this purchase we also include 5' of 2" Keene Dredge Hose & 2 Hose clamps. We use Keene Dredge hose because its the smoothest we have found on the inside so your gold does not get caught inside like other hoses. The Dust Deptuy is included with the Bucket shown with screw on lid & Hardware to attach. You just need to cut the holse in the lid, can be done with a drill & saber saw.

This purchase is for the Air Port, 5' Hose, Hose clamps, Dust Deputy, Hardware & Bucket & Lid. No Crusher is included....


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