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The ABC of Mining, Handbook for Prospectors, 1898

A Compendium of Gold Metallurgy, 1901

A Familiar Explanation of the Art of Assaying Gold and Silver

A History of the Precious Metals, From the Earliest Periods to the Present Time: Directions for Testing Purity, 1849

A Manual of Assaying The Fire Assay of Gold, Silver and Lead, Including Amalgamation and Chlorination Tests, 1905

A Manual of Fire Assaying, 1907

A Manual of Practical Assaying, 1908

A Microscopic Study of the Silver Ores and Their Associated Minerals, 1917

A Practical Treatise on Testing and Working Silver Ores, 1871

A Preliminary Report on a Part of the Gold Deposits of Georgia, 1896

A Textbook on Practical Metallurgy and Assaying, 1906

A Treatise on Concentration of All Kinds of Ores, 1868

A Historical Account of New South Wales, a Visit to the Gold Regions, and a Description of the Mines, 1852

The Assayers Manual, 1889

Assaying in Three Parts Aaron, 1906, 1907 Pt.1

Assaying in Three Parts Aaron, 1906 1907 Pt. 2&3

Big Smoky Silver Mining Company, 1866

The Blowpipe in Chemistry, Mineralogy and Geology, 1884

Buried Millions Where do Gold and Silver Go, 1878

Canada as a Producer of the Precious Metals, 1899

Cyaniding Gold and Silver Ores, 1921

The Cyanide Process of Gold Extraction A Textbook, 1906

Diamond Drilling for Gold and Other Minerals, 1900

Dredges and Gold Dredging, NY Engineering Company, 1910

Dredging for Gold in California, 1907

Famous Gold Nuggets of the World, 1900

Fire Assaying a Practical Treatise, 1907

Getting Gold, a Practical Treatise for Prospectors, Miners, and Students, 1898

Gold and Silver Money, 1882

Gold and Silver Ores What is Their Value, 1900

Gold and Silver Smiths Work, 1879

Gold Districts of California, 2005

Gold Dust How to Find it & How to Mine It, 1808

The Gold Fields of Alaska -  How to Reach and Operate them, 1896

Gold Hunting in Alaska, 1901

The Gold Measures of Nova Scotia and Deep Mining, 1899

The Gold Measures of Nova Scotia and Deep Mining, 1900

Gold Mines and Mining in California, 1885

Gold Placers of California, 1923

Gold Prospecting Basics in the US, 2009

The Gold Quartz Veins of Nevada City and Grass Valley District

The Gold Regions of South Eastern Africa, 1877

The Gold-Miners of Midian and the Ruined Midianite Cities - A Fortnight's Tour in North-Western Arabia, 1878

The Handy Book of Precious Metals, 1897

The Hydraulic Gold Miners Manual, 1897

Hidden Mines and How to Find Them, 1896

Hidden Mines and How to Find Them, 1895

Industrial Progress in Gold Mining - A Review of the Gold Mining Industry in the United States, 1880

The Iditarod Ruby Region Alaska, 1914

Klondike Gold Fields, 1897

Klondike - The Yukon Klondike Miners and How to Reach Them, 1897

Leach of Gold and Silver Ores A Practical Treatise, 1881

Map of the Cariboo and Omenica Gold Fields, and the Routes Thereto, 1870

The Metallurgy of Silver A Practical Treatise, 1891

The Miner's Right, A Tale of the Australian Gold Fields, Vol. 1, 1890

The Miner's Right, A Tale of the Australian Gold Fields, Vol. 2, 1890

The Miner's Right, A Tale of the Australian Gold Fields, Vol. 3, 1890

The Mining Districts of the Idaho Basin and the Boise Ridge

New Official Map of Alaska and the Klondike Gold Fields - the New Eldorado, 1897

Note on the Belmont Gold Veins of Peterborough County, Ontario, 1893

Notes on Assaying, 1902

Notes on Gold Dredging with Reference to the Introduction of the Industry into New South Wales, 1899

Notes on Gold Extraction by Means of Cyanide Potassium, 1894

Notes on the Gold of Eastern Canada, 1864

The Organization of Gold Mining Business, 1897

Placer Gold Recovery Methods, 1986

The Platinum Metals, 1920

Pocket Manual of Mining, 1897

Pomeroy's Mining Manual for Prospectors, 1881

The Practical Assayer, 1847

Practical Gold Mining, 1902

Practical Mineralogy, Assaying and Mining, 1863

Practical Mining and Assaying, 1897

Preliminary Report on the Cape Nome Gold Region Alaska, 1900

The Production of the Precious Metals, 1869

Prospecting in Nova Scotia, 1900

Prospecting, Locating and Valuing Mines, 1899

Reconnaissance of the Gold Fields of Southern Alaska, 1898

Recovering Precious Metals from Waste Liquid Residues, 1920

Report of Dr. T. Sterry Hunt on the Gold Region of Nova Scotia, 1868

Report Upon the Precious Metals, 1869

The Routes and Mineral Resources of North Western Canada, 1898

The Sampling and Assay of the Precious Metals, 1913

Silver Mining Regions of Colorado, 1865

Silver Ores, 1921

The Stamp Milling of Gold Ores, 1909

The Use of the Blowpipe in Chemistry and Mineralogy, 1845

The Valuation of Mineral Property Rules Tables, 1910

The Willow Creek District Alaska, 1915

Thirteen Years of Travel and Exploration in Alaska, 1890

To the Gold Coast for Gold, a Personal Narrative, Vol. 1, 1883

To the Gold Coast for Gold, a Personal Narrative, Vol. 2, 1883

Underground Treasures, How, Where to Find them, 1881