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Fire Assaying A Practical Treatise Gold, Silver, Lead, Book by Evans W. Buskett

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Fire Assaying, A Practical Treatise On The Fire Assaying Of Gold, Silver And Lead, Including Description Of The Appliances Used.


This is a softback book written by Evans W. Buskett, B.S. Mo. School of Mines, 1895 Chemist, Ozark Smelting and Mining Company Coffeyville, Kansas.

New York, D. Van Nostrand Company London, E & F. N. Spon, Limited

Copyright 1907

I. Sampling -
   Crushers, Sample Grinders, Hand Samples, Sampling for Tests, Metallic Scales, Making Cupels, Cupel Machines Pg. 1

II. Reagents And Fluxes - 
   Slags, Fluxes Pg. 16

III. Assay Of Acid Ores - 
   Assay Ton System, Furnaces, Scorification Assay, Weighing, Crucible Assay, Cupellation Pg. 26

IV. Assay Of Base Ores - 
   Preliminary Assay, Melting, Roasting, Wet Methods, Whitehead's Method, Reactions Pg. 46

V. Lead Assay - 
   Weighing and Fluxing, Melting, Wet Method Pg. 52

VI. Bullion Assay - 
   Assay of Base Bullion, Sampling, Cupelling, Parting, Assay of Fine Bullion, Melting, Sampling, Preliminary Assay, Cupelling, Parting Pg. 55

VII. Methods Of Handling Work
   Working by Numbers, Working by Position Pg. 64

VIII. Laboratory Tests - 
   Amalgamation, Chlorination, Cyanide, Concentration Pg. 69

Appendix Pg. 79




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