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Lot of 8 - # 8AM Mabor Cupel 1-3/4" Gold-Assay-Smelting-Refining-Melting-Cupels

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Lot of 8 Cupels

Each Cupel will absorb 69.2 grams of lead.

Cupels are made from high quality dead burnt magnesia (MgO). Hard, smooth surface with consistency in weight and size. Provide exceptional results in gold mines, precious metal refiners, alloy melters, hallmarking, geological and test laboratories worldwide.

CUPEL DIMENSION is 1-3/4" across the top & 1-7/16" tall

The lead button for cupellation is typically generated in the crucible fusion from the fire assay process, but can also be produced by a scorification assay, or a bullion assay where the precious metal is wrapped in lead foil.

Typical cupellation furnace temperatures in gold and silver assays are 1650-1700F, but can vary with technique, air flow volume, and cupel material.

MABOR MgO Cupels are made from a unique blend of Magnesium Oxide and special fluxing ingredients providing:

*    Robust Mechanical Strength

*    Consistently Low Losses

*    Not Afffected by Atmospheric Changes

*    Reduced Tendency to Freeze

*    No Splitting of Lead

*    Perfect Uniformity of Quality

*    Free from Cracking & Pitting

*    Beads Easily Removed

*    Rapid Absorption of Large Quantity of Litharge

*    Magnesia Cupels are sometimes incorrectly referred to as "magnesite"


Condition New