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"The Sampling and Assay of the Precious Metals" Gold-Silver-Platinum-Group 2015

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This is a new 2015 printing of the 1913 Book

The Sampling and Assay of the Precious Metals – by Earnest Smith – Probably the best Classic Text on the subject and still referenced today by Assayers and Chemists. This book covers most ever aspect of precious metals from the Assay Office, Furnaces, Balances, Physical and Chemical Properties of the Precious metals, Sampling, Sample Preparation, Fluxes, Cuppelation and more. It then goes with Chapters specifically on the Assay of Silver, Gold, The Assay of Complex Gold and Silver Ores, The assay of Gold, Silver and Base Bullions, Cyanide Assays, and then the assay of the Platinum Group Metals. 475 Pages Jam packed with information and how to conduct assaying.

Contents: Chapter I. Introductory

II. The Design and Equipment of Assay Offices

III. Assay Furnaces

IV. Furnace Implements and Apparatus Used in Assay Operations

V. Balances and Weights: Weighing

VI. Precious-Metal Ores: Valuation of Ores

VII. Sampling Precious-Metal Ores and Materials

VIII. Preparation of Samples for Assay

IX. Fluxes, Etc., Used in Assaying

X. Principles of Fluxing:Assay Slags

XI. Assay Operations

XII. The Assay of Silver Ores

XIII. The Assay of Gold Ores and Calculation of Results (Gold and Silver)

XIV. The Assay of Complex Gold and Silver Ores

XV. Special Methods of Ore-Testing and Assay

XVI. Gold and Silver:Physical and Chemical Properties

XVII. Bullion:Valuation and Sampling

XVIII. The Assay of Gold Bullion

XIX. The Assay of Silver Bullion

XX. The Assay of Base Bullion(Lead or Copper)

XXI. The Assay of Industrial Gold and Silver Alloys

XXII. The Assay of Products Containing Gold and Silver

XXIII. Metals of the Platinum Group: Sources, Properties, and Uses

XXIV. Assay of the Platinum-Group Metals

XXV. Laboratory Work in a Cyanide Mill


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