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Ultimate Clean Up Kit-12" Gold Pan-4-10-20-30 Mesh Screens Vials Snuffer Magnet

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This kit includes everything you see in the photos.

1- 4oz Bottle Snuffer
The bottle is 5" tall with the travel cap on it. This is a great Sniffer bottle with a seal between the cap and bottle that the suction tube goes thru to insure the best suction possible.

1- 12" Green Gold Pan
Gold pans are made of plastic and measure 12" across and 2-1/2" deep,  3 deep riffles on one side and 19 small riffles on the other side to make a perfect combination pan. Also has a hole in the edge of the pan to hang it or tie it to your belt or backpack for travel.

1- Pr Tweezers 3-4" long

2- Small Glass Vials 1" Tall

1- Magnifying Loupe (Color may vary)


This is great for pulling the magnetic sands out of your pan or sluice box even your shaker table.

• Plunger Type, Quick Release
• Stainless steel
• 5/8" magnet diameter
• Has approx 3LB pull - (Lift Power)
• Shielded magnet
• Water resistant
• With Metal pocket clip
• Pull Gold Magnet away from gold concentrate in pan then release button to remove magnetics.
• Magnet pulls black sand and other magnetic materials away from concentrate thus making it easier to extract and separate fine gold from other minerals.

You will receive all 4 stackable screens -1/4"-1/10"-1/20"-1/30" Mesh screens

These are great for classifying your cons after a clean up to pan.

Why use our Sifting Pan (also known as a classifier or sieve)?
(1) Classification is the most important step in gold recovery.
(2) Screen off large, worthless gravel and rock.
(3) Size your material to the proper dimensions of the gold you are expecting to recover.
(4) Our high-quality stainless steel wire mesh is both accurate and durable for everyday use.
(5) The plastic is both lightweight and durable.


Each Screen is 5-5/8" OD and 5" ID, 3-3/8" Tall and stackable with the other

The screen is 304 Stainless Steel wire



Condition New